Why He Hasn't Called

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Emile CurtoWritten by: Emile Curto


couple huggingOne of those trying experiences in a relationship is wondering why he hasn't called. This is not only when you are in a relationship with a guy; it could also be when you are starting one. After you both met, and he has already made a huge impression on you, the two of you parted ways after exchanging numbers and he promised to call you. But since then you have been waiting for his call and are at the extent that you begin to contemplate calling him.  Don't be too hasty to run to a conclusion that he doesn't care just yet, try to give him the benefit of the doubt. There could be some reasons as to why he hasn't called you.


One of the possible reasons to why he hasn't called you is that he may want to test what you are made of. When some men, especially those you have just met, promise to call and fail to do so, they could be conducting a test on you. They want to test how expectant you are waiting for their call and how you will react when they eventually call. If you are impatient enough to wait for that call to come in and you decided to call him first, it could give him the impression that he already has you at his beck and call.


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Don't just sit there anxiously waiting for his call, move on with your everyday activities. If you are less busy and bored, link up with friends for a real good time. That way, you will get the message across to him that your life can go on without him wondering why he hasn't called.


Another thing that you should consider when trying to figure out why he hasn't called is his work schedule. Right from the time of old, men are expected to engage in some productive occupation that could pay their bills and that of their family, if they have one. It is, therefore, a possibility that he has been too busy lately to return your calls. Perhaps he feels that now wouldn't be a good time to start a relationship due to his schedule so he's waiting for a better time later. He could also totally forget to call you back when he is less busy since he might have removed the missed call notification from the screen of his phone. 


Illness could also explain why he hasn't called you as he promised to. He might have been assailed with ill health since the last time that you both met, and has probably been admitted in a hospital to receive treatment. It then may not be feasible for him to call you in such a state. At the same time, it might just be some unexpected family responsibilities presented themselves, requiring him to dedicate some of his time to see them out, which might not make it conducive for him to call.


However, these are just few reasons possibly behind why he hasn't called you. There could also be some other reasons. But whatever you do, try as much as possible not to be too eager to call him first if he hasn't  called you as promised, especially when you have not started a relationship in real terms, as that will only reek of desperation, and you will definitely not like the outcome.




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