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the women men adore link Many people have come to the conclusion that physical appearance performs solo in what men like in a woman. The emphasis is therefore placed on women maintaining a good look to attract men. But then, physical attractiveness is not all that men find sexy about women, there are some other qualities that they look for. For some men, you may look like a beauty queen and they still won't be moved at all. Now, let me tell you some other things on what men like in a woman. 





Apart from the beauty that men look out for in women, motherly attitude is one thing that men find sexy in someone that they desire to settle down with. A man with marriage on his mind will want a lady that will serve as a good mother to the children that could come out of the relationship. The selfless loving and caring attitude can spell marriage material to them, and make you stand out from being just a girlfriend. One way by which you can do this is to be friendly with young children or pets; it could


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be those in his family or in the neighborhood. Such behavior will show him how caring and patient you are and that you do possess these characteristics.  



Natural Beauty 


Natural beauty is something that men find sexy in women also. Ladies spend lots of money on beauty products just to look good. The reality is that most men don't need that since makeup only shows that you are not confident of your natural beauty. Too much make up can come across as insecurity.   Besides these beauty products that you spend a significant amount of money on could actually act as an impediment between you and your man. For example, men are usually reluctant to kiss women, whose lips have been covered with lipstick, to avoid getting stained. 



Communication Skills 


What men like in a woman is someone they can connect with. Everybody is looking for someone to share a connection with, someone special. Talking is the best way which men do it as opposed to expressing feelings. Men love to move with women who don't have any problems expressing themselves without dilly-dallying. You should be able to communicate with him on his level and express your emotions confidently without mincing words at all. Men also don’t want to be with someone they have difficulty understanding and getting along with, or someone who stirs up drama. 





Men also find ladies who are playful and cheerful sexy. Men can be more playful and less serious about certain matters than women. They sometimes do things which may be considered rather silly, and ladies that are playful may be able to overlook such things easily. Laughing or at least smiling at his jokes develops a connection between the two of you. But the in case where you are the overly serious or uptight kind of lady, you may be unable to handle such things and that is where the problem comes in. You are likely to get over-emotional when your man does things you don't relish.  



Outward Appearance 


Most people would have put this first, but I decided to put it here so that you do not start thinking that it is the most important. Even though the focus has so far been more on the inner qualities that you need to have, how you look is truly one of the things that men find sexy in ladies; as a matter of fact, it is probably the most conspicuous of all. It is essential that you take special care of your look and use makeup with moderation while not forgetting to pay attention to your hair and your weight. Men are not really looking for model girlfriends, but ladies that are presentable and take pride in their appearance. 



Vulnerable yet not desperate 


Vulnerability can be what men like in a woman. Men love to be the heroes and be the ones who come to the rescue. Women who are vulnerable but not desperate can move their hearts like you wouldn’t believe. Showing emotion and the need for help instead of putting on a strong cold front can be inviting for a man to step in and play the hero. Seeing a woman express herself genuinely gives men a chance to respond and empathize with their emotions. Many women feel afraid to let their guard down, but there is no hope for love without taking a chance. 



Being Genuine 


Being genuine at the right times as opposed to putting on a front can put you in a man’s heart. Act like yourself around his friends and family. This also means not talking negatively about other people when they’re not around. Rather than spending your time acting different, you should be giving him the chance to fall for the real you. A danger can occur if on your first few dates, you act one way then behave differently down the road. It can send a signal to him that you weren’t who you made yourself out to be where he will then question if you’re being yourself now. This can make him distant as he has to re-evaluate who you truly are. 





Acting realistic and not creating drama when situations come up is what men like in a woman. Having unreasonable expectations on a man can steer him away. These include believing he’s going to treat you like a queen in always taking you somewhere expensive.   Or that he’ll never screw up and you expect him to be superman. Or he’ll treat you as his only priority. He has work, friends, and hobbies to balance in his life. Expecting him to drop his entire past and treat you like you’re his only focus can push him away from you.  



Having the same goals 


Having the same things in common like the same hobbies and focus in life can be a huge turn on. Not just the same goals, but having the same pace in which to get there. For example having the same speed you want to take the relationship or the same give and take in a relationship. 





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