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Save the Marriage System

Wondering How to Save a Marriage? How Save the Marriage was used to save mine.

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Alice Written by: Alice Baecker
Rating:5 stars 
Product: Save the Marriage

Save the Marriage was written by Lee Baucom, a marriage counselor with two decades of counselling experience. With a high success rate in saving marriages, he wanted to reach more people than his 1-on-1 sessions ever could, anywhere, anytime, which is why he created the Save The Marriage system.

Its purpose is to save marriages and fix marriage crisis, even if you are the only one willing to work on the marriage, if there has been an affair, spouse has given up or refused to go to therapy. It is a product geared for both men and women, in any stage of their marriage crisis, from any walk of life, and has every step clearly written out to make things absolutely simple.

In Save the Marriage, Mr. Baucom has clearly written out tested and proven steps to identify where you are in your marriage crisis (because there are 8 stages), and exactly what to do at each stage. From his success and experience as a marriage counselor Lee Baucom teaches on these main points;

1) Communication is rarely the problem; people know how to get their points across just fine. Perception is what needs to be worked on as couples misread the motives, emotions, and meaning of what their partner is saying.

2) A step by step guide on how to get to "WE", where marriage becomes about being a team as opposed to being 2 individuals wanting their own needs.

3) The 5 most destructive actions that couples aren't aware they do.

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4) What a marriage should be, should look like, and direct advice on how to get there.

5) Dealing with anger and resentment whether giving it or receiving it.

6) The 3 c's. How being calm, consistent, and constant is the action needed to save the marriage.


What I thought about the Save the Marriage System;

-Lee's insights and radically different ideas amazed me as I could relate to the lessons Save the Marriage taught as if it were reading a page out of my marriage.
-Works exactly as he advertised, that only one person can bring about a change in the marriage as my husband began reacting differently to my behavior and responses, snowballing to make him change.
-not about reverse psychology, communication, or subliminal messages.
-Instant access through the internet so you can start implementing from day one, giving you the right information quick. As the nature of saving a marriage needs to be attended to right away or problems can get worse.
-The quick-start guide allows you to assess your situation and know exactly where to begin as everyone can be at different places.
-Lee makes it simple and direct, taking you by the hand and addresses your problem step-by-step.
-Way cheaper than counseling, therapy, divorce, and even other products out there that don't give nearly as helpful insights and lessons that Lee does.

Is the product worth it?

Marriage doesn't come with an instruction manual, and behaving as a team doesn't come naturally after being an individual up until the point you get married, so it's no wonder many couples face marriage problems. Save the Marriage is the instruction manual written by an experienced professional who has clearly written out each step to make becoming a happy married couple easy. I definitely recommend this product, and firmly believe that every couple should read it.

Save the Marriage comes with;

1. His personal guarantee putting the risk entirely on him through his iron-clad 100% guaranteed refund. You use the system for 30 days, if you see no change, he gives a full refund no questions asked (I've tested it).

2. The 5 modules

- Top 5 things not to do module
- Quick-start guide to saving your marriage module
- Save the Marriage core program
- Dealing with anger and resentment module
- Down-n-dirty guide to saving your marriage module


3. Book "change of heart"
4. Audio on recovering from an affair
5. Audio on coping with a mid-life marriage crisis. (your spouse's mid-life crisis can become a mid-life marriage crisis)
6. Special report, "5 rules for fair fighting"
7. One of his relationship coaches gives you a call and have a head start 10-20 minute conversation at no additional cost


save the marriage book

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