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what men secretly wantGetting a man to open up can be frustrating. It is a generally accepted fact that women are better when it comes to expressing their feelings than men; at least, in verbal terms. If you are currently trying to figure out a man that has been shut off or silent you could be asking how do i get him to open up to you. Here is some advice on that.



Give him time


Maybe he was hurt by his ex when she criticized him the last time he opened up. It may be too demanding to expect him to open up the way you want on your timing. This added pressure just makes him shut down even more. What's important on getting him to open up to you is waiting on his timing and not making him feel threatened by pressuring him.



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Open up to him first


It’s usually easier to throw in your two cents after you hear another person's point of view. If he hasn't open up to you, it may be because he doesn’t know how to put his feelings into words. Talking about how you feel about the subject can get the ball rolling. It also shows him that you’re willing to be vulnerable with him, which makes it easier for him to reciprocate those feelings.



Have a Sense of Humor


Humor plays a really important role in releasing the tension that may be in the air when people are together. When there's a guy that you're trying to get to open up, it pays to have a sense of humor. Try and be the kind of person that could make a conversation more interesting through jokes or doing silly things. The impact that this can have is that it reduces the tension or fear that a guy might have when it comes to letting you know his emotion. Just be careful not to come off as mocking or insensitive.






In trying to get him to open up to you, you should try to make a man feel good first. Make effort to identify certain qualities in him and make him feel good about those qualities. Compliment him about qualities you love about him. This will get his guard down and make him feel safe to share deeper things with you. It moves the conversation from the shallow, “great weather right”? To a deeper, more personal issue. He may be feeling uncomfortable sharing with you so this will also build up his confidence to the point where he can. It is also good for you to be there for him when he needs someone to share his problems with, complimenting him will make him see you as that person who’s easy to talk to. You will be able to win his trust because you were able to create the impression that you're not the type of lady that runs away once their partners start experiencing some issues.



Get Together in a Romantic Ambiance


A setting that is romantic and private is a nice way to get him to open up to you. A man might find it difficult to express something as personal as his feelings where there are many people or in a place where you have some of your friends present. If you can get him alone where factors that could affect his confidence negatively have been removed, he is more likely to open up to you on his feelings.



Avoid criticism and judging


Do you make judgmental remarks about him or other people? Even if you’ve said something bad about a mutual friend, those comments could him the impression that you’re going to criticize him when he opens up to you. You want to be known to him as supportive and accepting which will make it easier for him to open up.   No one’s going to open up to someone who’s just going to shoot them down.





You know that guy who won’t shut up after a few drinks? That’s because beer makes some people talkative. Give him a couple, or wait for him to do it by himself. Try asking him questions after a few, you may get more success than before.



Stay Away from Him a Little


As they say, "Familiarity breeds contempt." It is likely that after having done all or some of the above, you still can't get him to open up on the feelings he has for you. Then, if you think you can afford to, try and step back from him for some time. Instead of trying too hard to get him to come clear about his feelings, you may decide to spend less time with him and more time with your other friends. It is likely that you can get him to open up once he started missing all the attention that you used to give him. He might have gotten too used to you to risk losing you to another guy.


These tips may be quite useful for you to break down the defense of that tough guy and get him to open up to you.





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