Men Made Easy Review

Does it really make men easy? Read this review to find out.

Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal

men made easy book and cd'sRelationships and men can be tricky. Have you ever done something and have your boyfriend react in a way that was completely unexpected? Imagine if you had an instruction manual on just that, men and the way they behave in a relationship.

Men Made Easy is an eBook written by Kara Oh, a nationally known relationship counselor, and it is just that.  It was made by conducting interviews with hundreds of men in order to listen and understand how they think, how they feel, and why they do the things they do, In short a book on understanding men.

This eBook has a lot of insight about men. Kara shares her findings on understanding how they actually feel, and the way they think with us.   Not just that, but how to attract them and improve your relationship through understanding them. The book doesn’t teach you how to manipulate men, but is actually genuine on how to relate to them.  It teaches that relationships aren’t about tricks and gimmicks but that men and

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women are naturally longing to be together. You get what you want from men by giving him what he wants, other methods will just push him away.

There are 12 chapters and a bonus chapter. Kara shares her finding on men as the topics range from; how women have the power in a relationship, why men want intimacy, why they need success, to why they’re afraid of commitment. Etc.


circles with different emotions in them.I liked this book because; 

·          It had many surprising insights into the way men felt but hid from us.

·          Had ways of applying what was taught

·          Not a boring read, but filled with exciting stories

·          Was Not about manipulating your partner but understanding him

·          Taught on how to respond as a woman the way men find irresistible



I didn’t like;

·         Some of the examples used can be stereotyped men


So is Men Made Easy worth it's value?

Although some of the specific examples can be stereotyped, I think it’s the principles in understanding men which matter and are important to apply to our lives, and overall Men Made Easy does that.  Men Made Easy comes with; the eBook containing the 12 secrets discovered about men from the hundreds of interviews, along with the audio recording convenient while driving, a bonus workbook to help you, and a 60 day no questions asked full refund.

I think it’s important for anyone to understand the opposite sex in order to have a successful, thriving relationship and Men Made Easy gives you insight into understanding men.  Overall I would still give 5 stars to Men Made Easy despite of my critical points, because if feel that it is more important to understand to main principals about men which this book clearly touches on.



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