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Text the Romance Back

Wondering How to get the love and passion back to a relationship? How Text the Romance Back was used to ignite the romance and fix mine.

text the romance backamy rosenthal Written by: Amy Rosenthal
Rating:5 stars 
Product: Text the Romance Back

People often ask me if text the romance back is a product that actually works, or if it can help get the love back to a relationship? They ask this because there is a lot of hype right now on the internet about this particular relationship product for men and women. I can tell you right now that Michael Fiore 100% knows what he is talking about when it comes to love, romance and getting the relationship you've hoped for, or have long since had. It was written by a man who truly understands how to ignite passion and build relationships. 

Inside Text the Romance Back, Michael teaches on. 

1. The Curiosity Magnet Text, to get their attention no matter how busy they are at work. 

2. Bait Question Text to get on their mind and make them think about you 

3. Romantic Time Machine, to bring your partner back to the best times in your relationship before you lost the spark or had kids. 

4. The sensual compliment text to re-ignite passion, even in married couples with children. 

5. The Distance Destroyer text if you’re in a long distance relationship 

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6. Along with much more insights and lessons..

It doesn't do enough justice to the comprehensiveness of this product to just list what is contained above. Not only does Michael share his unique insights on relationship building, but he does it in a way that is easy to understand. 


Text the Romance Back is comprehensively written with step-by-step easy to follow instructions and includes: 

1. The 124 page eBook, 

2. A free $47 audio training included,  

3. The Text the Romance Back FAQ Sheet, a convenient list that tells you what to do when things go differently or not as planned 

4. The Crib Sheet, which is a course summary full of text messages and methods 

5. Comes with a no-risk no-worry 60 Day Guaranteed full refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason (I’ve tested it). 

Building a relationship takes communication and a bit of work, there is no other way it’s going to happen. How to get the love back in a relationship is about going back to those foundations. I'm not sure how much easier Michael can make it for you to get the romance you desire and help a relationship. 

If you want to save yourself from the trouble and stress of most relationships get the expert advice that Michael has to offer, it’s an absolute gem! 


Click Here to Visit Text the Romance Back 



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