How to Respect a Man

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what men secretly wantRespect is something that all men desire and maybe you’ve been accused of not showing it. Respect to men, is a greater need for them in order for their relationships to grow, as opposed to womem who might value love in order for their relationship to grow. Respect begets respect, as the saying goes. If you don’t respect your man, perhaps it will be fair to say that you shouldn’t expect much love or respect from him. Respect has the potential to take your relationship to a higher realm you have probably never imagined. So let us get down to those helpful ideas on how to respect a man.



Value Your Relationship


One idea on how to respect a man is to put a high value on the relationship between the two of you. Remember what it was like to fall in love with him. Think of all the


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things that you benefit from in the relationship. Where would you be if you were still 

single? Don’t allow any other relationships to take precedence over it. You should find a way to let him know that the times you spend with him are always the best part of your day. This will give him the impression that he is with a lady that knows his worth and will love you more for it.



Value Your Man


This is another value you should know when looking for ideas on how to respect a man. You will need to let him know that you like him for who he is. How do you do this? You should try and identify all the interesting qualities about him. After identifying those qualities, let him know that you like those attributes of his. Talk about the things he has that pair well with you. All men want to be appreciated on their work and how much money they make. Let him know you value that aspect of him. You should also let other people know what you appreciate in your man, boast about him, show him off a little. Once in a while, do something special for him, even when he is not celebrating anything.



The way you talk about him with other people


The way you talk about him in front of other people when he’s not around demonstrates how much you respect him. Perhaps you’ve been guilty of taking subtle jabs at him jokingly with your girlfriends. Not only will your words have a way of coming around to him, but your attitude will be reflected in things you do. Where you may think he doesn’t see it, he may be able to see into your attitude. On the topic of how to respect a man and talking, if people are speaking of him over critically or insultingly, stand up for him when he’s not around. Like the negative words that have a way of coming around to his ears, your noble acts have a way of coming around also.



Supporting him


This can mean submitting to his ideas; even if at times they aren’t ones you agree with. Respecting him can mean supporting his ideas and giving him a chance to try it his way. This can cause him to become better in whatever he’s planning to do. No one likes facing an over-critical quit before you try attitude.




Avoid Embarrassing Him


Nobody likes to be embarrassed for any reason whatsoever. It is therefore relevant to state that you should avoid all actions that could cause your man to get embarrassed; that’s one way of how to respect a man. You shouldn't criticize your man in front of other people, even in front of those that are close to the both of you. Rather wait until you’re alone to correct him. You need to be tactful in the way you do things in front of others inorder to have a strong relationship with him. Have a mindset that your relationship is a team.



Give an Ear to His Goals


When your man shares his goals and aspirations with you, one way through which you can respect him is to give a listening ear. After hearing what he has to say, it is likely that you might not see things the way he does. If that’s the case, don’t turn critical at that point in time. Just listen to him, highlighting all those goals and aspirations at that point in time. After sometime, when you think he is in a good mood, you can tell him what you think of his goals as well as how realistic, or otherwise, you thought they were.



Cherish the things he does


How to respect a man can mean understanding his time alone in the garage, how much he loves football, or the food he loves. Learn to love those things because you know that he does. It doesn’t mean you have to like them just as much, but what’s demonstrated in those actions is respect.





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