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 How to Make Him Love You in 6 Steps

Amy Rosenthal author: Amy Rosenthalwoman wondering what men secretly want

People wonder if it’s possible to make someone fall in love, particularly how to make him love you. Where it may not be entirely up to you, there are things that can be done to tip the scale in your favor. When analyzed, people falling in love all go through common elements; physical attraction, time spent together, thinking about each other. In regards to how to make him fall in love, here are 6 things that you do have control over.


Get time with him
Love doesn’t necessarily happen right away. For many people, they fall in love with someone over a course of time spent with them. This is why it’s important to get as much time together with him if you want to make him love you.

This should be done through; hanging out after work, with or without friends involved, going on hikes on the weekend, having lunch breaks together, going out for coffee, and just plain talking with each other. Whatever the occasion, spend as much time as you can with him. If there are no opportunities to spend with him, make the opportunity and organize the activity. Getting to spend time with him is an important aspect when it comes to people falling in love.

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Selling yourself
Deciding to get into a relationship with someone can be compared to selling a product. Regardless of the quality of the product, sometimes it’s the selling technique that matters.

couple holding handsWhen it comes to getting him to fall in love with you, you need to sell yourself. There are probably many great qualities about yourself, but he doesn’t know that. Even though he may know you, he may overlook the great characteristics about you. Knowing someone takes time, and he’s not psychic.

Highlighting the great qualities about yourself can be done through casually mentioning them, or the activities you do that highlight those traits. So if you’re compassionate, mention how you volunteer or the activities you are going to do in the week that highlights that. Don’t let it go unnoticed. If you want to be a little more subtle, get you friend to mention it to him instead of yourself. This is an important step on how to make him love you.


Keep yourself on his mind
Another important factor in people falling in love, is keeping yourself on his mind. Unless you’re constantly on his mind, he won’t fall in love with you. But fortunately there is something you can do about that.
One way to keep yourself on his mind is through a direct approach, sending texts or posts on his Facebook. Do this often enough that he doesn’t forget about you but not too frequently so that you give him a chance to miss you, probably 2-3 days since you last saw him.

If the direct approach is being used too much, try switching to other indirect approaches. Getting a friend to bring you up in their conversations, or by giving him things such as cookies, or items such as a chair you don’t use that he may need. These things can remind him of you when he sees them long after they’ve been given away. An additional tip on how to make him love you is to discretely spray them with a little of your perfume as scent is the strongest way of bringing memories to people.


What you talk aboutcouple talking
Another tip in getting him to fall for you is in what you talk about. The times you do spend talking with each other, try not to talk about the mundane things in life. You want to keep your conversations exciting by talking about exciting things, things you are passionate about, and things that he is passionate about. This is how your conversations will stand out in his mind, talking about boring and usual topics will not stand out in his mind. This is also a good way of building fond memories that he may look back on and reminisce, another factor in falling for someone.

The stories you tell him, can make him love you
It is inevitable that people will ask the question of how their weekend was, or ask how they have been doing. When you tell him stories about the things you did, try and tell him exciting stories. Your goal is to paint an exciting picture of your life in his mind. People yearn and want to be part of something exciting in life; this includes someone with an appealing life who is constantly doing interesting things. This way it will force you to start doing adventurous activities and start living your life a little.


woman with key in mouthThe right look
Obviously physical attraction plays a huge part when it comes to falling in love. So when it comes to how to make him love you, you need to take advantage of this tip by finding out what features about a woman he’s into. By learning what he’s attracted to through; his ex-girlfriends, getting friends to ask him, or casually asking him, you can highlight those features in yourself.

On top of the right look, pairing it up with the right scent is important. Where there is only so much a person can do about their looks, no one has an excuse for not wearing the right scent. Remember to wear the perfume enough so that he is reminded of you when he smells it. If you have done this successfully, you can leave your scent around places that he comes in contact with; this is a good way of reminding him of you in a discreet and subtle way.

Getting someone to fall in love may not entirely be up to you; however there are aspects of love that can be manipulated in your favor. Using these tips, along with some practice, you can get a man to fall in love with you.



woman wondering what men want

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