How to Love a Man

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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal

couple, the women men adore and never want to leaveIt is very important to know how to love a man for the relationship to be enjoyable. Maybe you’ve been together for a while now and the little things he does are starting to get on your nerves. Or maybe you’re just wondering how to show your love to him. Well this page is all on how to love a man.




It’s normal in any relationship to get into fights every now and then, it’s normal for people to step on each other’s toes in a relationship. Without forgiveness the little annoyances can pile up, stopping the love and the relationship from growing. This only makes loving him harder. The answer on how to love a man is in forgiving. Forgiving each other every day allows your relationship to grow deeper.



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Focus on the positive


I’m sure there are some things about him that you don’t like. Focusing on those things won’t help your attitude of love at all. Rather, focus on the positive things he does for you, and the person he is. After some practice you’ll find the saying to be true, that love is blind.



Learn to be patient


Particularly in this culture, people don’t get the chance for the virtue of patience to grow in them. We grow up with microwaves, cars, fast food, and coffee shops around every corner. Where someone may thing that their boyfriend’s flaws are really annoying, part of how annoying they are can be due to a lack of patience and tolerance. Learning to be patient will not only work on your character, but will also keep you happier in life when challenges arise.




Love Yourself


It is likely you are wondering how relevant this is with regards to how to love your man, it is simple. Let's just say that you can't love anyone if you don't love yourself. Someone who doesn’t love and accept themself with all their flaws will be concerned with getting attention, getting love, getting acceptance. They aren’t going to be able to give, because they need to receive at the moment. Someone who loves and accepts themself can give and pour out to others because their self-esteem enables them to do so. Their attention isn’t focused so much on their needs so it allows them to focus on others.



Know More about Him


Another step on how to love your man is to make effort to understand him better. It is not uncommon to see men that have had failed relationships complain about their partners men made easy productsnot understand them at all. Take the time to learn about the opposite sex and the way they think. You might not be right to think that considering all the time you have both been together that you have learned all there is to know about your partner. Actually, there are new things that you can learn about your man regularly. You can only know a man better if you are determined to do that.



Make Him Feel Special


Your man should be reminded of how special they are every now and then. Since you are probably reading this to learn how to love your man, I should let you know that one step you can take towards this is to make him feel great about himself. You can do this by appreciating and admiring certain qualities that you have noticed in him while also telling him to continue to be just his real self. However, when complimenting your man, don't sound shallow; talk like you mean every word coming out of your mouth.



Express those feelings/show your love


When was the last time you sat down with your partner and expressed what they mean to you? Expressing those feelings not only reaffirms and strengthens them in your heart, but can further create a relationship where both people express exactly how they feel about each other. Give a compliment, get a compliment in return. By being the first to regularly express how you feel about him, you can be teaching him to do the same.



Be Generous to Him


Further, in regards to how to love your man, you should learn how to give. You should not place emphasis more on what you can get from your man, but on what you can give to make him happy. It is common to see some ladies that believe the man should be the one doing the giving. That should not be the case with you as that could give an impression of you being a parasite. Of course, you should also collect when your man gives.



He Can Do with Some Space


There will be some time when he will likely feel the need to be by himself; don’t make that impossible. It is normal as a lady to desire having the complete attention of your man, but then he needs some time and space for him to think on other things that need to get done. Therefore, a good idea on how to love your man is to understand his feeling at such a time.



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