How to Know a Man

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what men secretly wantIt's possible you're here because you've

been seeing a guy lately that you have started developing romantic feelings for and you wished there was a way you can get to know him better. Or maybe there's a guy in the office you’ve had a crush on but felt stuck in approaching. Well, the most effective way on how to know a man is by talking with them. However, the timing must be right and you must be tactful in your approach. So here are some tips you can use on how to know a man.



Countenance comes first


Smiling and being friendly is important here because it sets the tone for your relationship. If you’re always grumpy or not smiling it’s going to be weird from his point of view when you start talking to him. Having a friendly smile will seem less


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threatening and will lighten the mood of everything. It subconsciously reads, “I’m not 

going to bite” when you’re around him. From his point of view you’re easy to approach and he’ll want to know you more because of your great smile. When it comes to how to know a man, an ice breaking smile is the beginning.



Build confidence through planning


Don’t just wait for him to talk to you, approach him, it’ll tell him you’re confident about yourself which he’ll find attractive. But before you just walk in there, you need to come up with a plan. Get some background information on him through his Facebook page or through friends. After which you can come up with topics you`re going to talk about when you talk with him. Eg. “So I hear you`re interested in basketball”. You need to come up with follow up questions as well so the conversation doesn’t die like, “what got you started liking basketball”?, and “where do you play usually”? Having a plan as to what you’re going to talk about makes you less nervous because you have a rough idea of what you’re going to do next. 



Awkward or Caring?


Start talking more with people. If you come off as a talkative person who’s friendly and approachable it not only makes it easier for him to approach you, but is more inconspicuous when you start talking to him. What’s obvious and nerve wrecking is talking to him when you usually don’t talk to other people. However if you always ask all your co-workers how their day was, when you ask him you’ll come across as your usual caring self. It won’t come off as awkward when you strike up a conversation with him because he'll know that it's just who you are.  You'll also have plenty of practice in the form of conversation skills from other people, which will come in handy on how to know a man.



Find opportunities to talk 


Involved with a charity? Talk to him about it.  It’s pretty common for people to ask acquaintances if they want to buy their kid's girl guide cookies. Look up the football scores so that you can connect with his world, that way when you're around the water cooler you can connect with him on some level. You don’t have to like football or keep following it, what you’re trying to do is find ways to connect with his world. Try taking lunch the same time he does or going to the same restaurant he does. Ask him if he has a favorite restaurant he recommends, go there then that way you can talk about the food you tried. What beer does he recommend? Most guys drink beer, and i'm sure they would love to talk about that.



Relationship building through technology


Getting to know someone and relationship building has become easier for those who know how to utilize technology.  Texting, tweeting, or Facebook can be a great way to know him better. It’s casual in that it gives you both time to respond and gives you the chance to think up a witty answer. Start building a messaging relationship by sending a casual message about your lunch. You can send it to a group of friends to make it seem inconspicuous. After you’ve been texting back and forth for a while, you’ll find your friendship growing to the point where it’s more comfortable to talk about deeper things face to face. Click here to learn how to Text The romance Back.



Things to talk about


When it comes to how to know a man, people say that to know someone better you can ask about their hobbies, likes and dislikes.  You can just ask what activities or sports that he likes most -- cooking, travelling, or participating in or watching a particular sport. After learning what his favorite food is, you can then tell him about yours and this could actually get the two of you talking for a long period of time. In the process of talking, more facts that will make you know him better will start to emerge.


Aside asking about the hobbies and interests of a man, you could also ask about his life ambitions. Some men like it when ladies ask about their dreams and goals in life, and would gladly share them, especially when they are excited by the prospect. However, if you should ask questions related to his dreams and aspirations in life, you also have to try and listen to what he has to say patiently. It is also important to avoid getting critical of his dreams.


A key tips here when talking about these subjects is in the way you talk to him.  Don't just ask him question here like in an interview, keep it flirty.  You want to keep the conversation exciting, as if you were flirting with him, but not so openly.  Steer the conversation to more exciting subjects like relationships, people, things you find attractive, etc.


When you are looking for an opportunity to talk with him so as to know him better, you must make sure that he is in the mood to talk. The reason for this being that there are likely to be some questions that you might ask him, which he would be reluctant to give right answers to probably because he is not in the right mood at the point in time. Sharing your views on a certain topic can get the ball rolling and he may find it easier to add his input afterward. However, if you notice some level of reluctance on his part in answering certain questions you ask him, don’t push it. It might be that he was not feeling too free to answer such questions because they are rather too personal and will sure appreciate it if you didn`t continue pestering him with those questions, at least for that moment. 


It should also be said that your tone should sound interesting and effort should be made to spice up the conversation with jokes. You should ensure that you don’t make the conversation turn to a monologue since you can't get to know him better by adopting such an approach. A little smile here and there will also work some magic.





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