How to Keep Your Man

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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal


man texting on phoneRelationships have their ups and downs;  well, that is the way life is generally. One thing that a lady can find quite obnoxious in a relationship is when the man she loves so much starts to feel distant. She then begins to worry what to do when he feels distant in such a situation. Even though it may not be true, some ladies might begin to think their man has started seeing someone else. I will like to share some ideas with you on what to do when your man feels distant, and how to keep your man.


Your actions or attitude in a relationship can actually drive a man away from you. Therefore, when thinking of what to do when he feels distant, you should first of all give a thought to how it should be handled. If you are the type that often gets upset over trivial matters, you need to make a change.


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On the subject of how to keep your man, it is advisable that you get to talk issues over with your man. One effective way, in terms of what to do when he feels distant, is to ask your man for reasons behind his actions. Usually, nothing happens without a reason being behind it. Be gentle and ask him what the problems are bothering his mind in a concerned manner. If he was able to tell you the issues he was having with the relationship, try and take it all in with an open mind and make necessary adjustments in areas where they are needed. For example, if the reason behind his seemingly distant attitude is the fact that he is not yet ready for the long term commitment that you have been asking him to make. In such a case, try and give him more time to get himself ready.


If he’s not sure why he feels distant or doesn’t recognize he’s acting distant, let him know how you feel. Give him the space he needs to think and process his feelings. Believe it or not men do process their feelings. It’s different than women and is usually seen as him being silent and distant. Don’t cling to him because this can result in him pushing further away from you. How to keep your man can be done just by giving him the space he needs. 


This can mean taking a break, not from each other but from the source of the problem. Try taking a weekend vacation somewhere peaceful away from the stress. Rekindle the romance; bring back the spark in your relationship. Take time to reaffirm the two of you and give each other some rest. While this won’t solve the problem it can bring strength back to the relationship, and perhaps some time for insight into the issue.


If the two of you have already started living together as husband and wife, it is likely that it is the financial responsibility that goes with such a status that is behind his attitude. It even gets more serious when you have started having children together. What to do when he feels distant in such a case is to try and support him in whatever way you can. He is most likely feeling the pressure of providing for his family. More so than you because men grow up thinking it’s their responsibility to provide for their family. These days, an increasing numbers of men are now looking for ladies that are financially responsible since you cannot expect a man to be the only one to see to all expenses resulting from a relationship; it should be a symbiotic affair.


You may also need to seek the advice of a relationship expert as a solution to how to keep your man. Such a person would have had sufficient experiences handling similar issues for other people before you. Besides, the two of you might have dissenting views on some issues thereby making it difficult for them to be resolved amicably. But, an expert will give you an unbiased opinion based on what you and your partner have to say.


It is also possible that you really need not worry on what to do when he feels distant sometimes; it could be that he just needs some time for himself. Men will normally go through seasons of being independent and distant, to being loving and intimate, it is a natural cycle. In such a case you can only tell him not to allow things to continue that way for long, while being supportive of the time he needs to himself.



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