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I’m Daniel Johnson, a publisher, and someone who is passionate in creating beautiful lasting relationships and helping women understand the problems they may be facing with the men they love. With the input of two friends; Amy and Emile, as well as some others, it makes for a balance of both sides of the story to those in relationships. Together we set out to create a site that people could come to and read more on men and relationship problems they could be facing. If you are looking for further helpful information on men, there are links that point to other credited resources. Please feel free to cruise around the site, or tell your friends about it.

picture of man in suitThe site is formed by a compilation of writers both men and women who range in relationship status from; single, to dating, to married with children. A lot of their wisdom comes from classic relationship books, friends, and life experience.

You’ll find topics ranging from; how to bring back the spark in a relationship, to what to do when he acts distant, and many more over on the left navigation menu.

I hope that the advice given here can be of great help to you, and that you find this site entertaining to read through.  


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