How to be Attractive to Men

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Daniel JohnsonWritten by: Daniel Johnson 


couple huggingWondering how to be attractive to men? What are the qualities in a women that men find sexy? Here is a helpful guide to learning what some women have that sets them apart from the rest.



Confidence in Yourself 


When I talk about confidence here, I am talking about the need for you to love yourself for who you are. Be happy with the kind of person you have been created to be. If the guy your with doesn’t like your feet, the problem isn’t your feet, the problem is that you’re not with the right guy. The same goes with your personality and those little quirks about you. This advice comes with a bit of salt as there are some things we should change about ourselves and there are some things we should accept. It will take wisdom to know the difference. Once you’ve accepted the things about you that should be accepted you will tend to feel more comfortable and that will naturally enable you to


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attract men. Never for once try to be, or claim to be, who you are really not just because you need to get men's attention as that will lead to nowhere good in the long run. Just like in sales, no one will buy a product that the salesman doesn't believe in. A glowing inner confidence is how to be attractive to men.



Being Friendly 


If you're looking for their attention, being friendly is how to be attractive to men. You should try to put on this air of friendliness and be approachable. Remember that most men aren’t smooth operators in approaching women. There’s a lot of pressure on men to approach women. And believe it or not some men may be confident on the outside, but are shaking on the inside when trying to do so. Being friendly eases so much pressure from them.   Have you ever been attracted to a guy or felt safe with him because he was “easy to talk to”? This is the vibe that you want to be putting out there. 


The regular you may be asking yourself how to get the message out that you are approachable. That you’re not going to bite their heads off and yell a big fat NO! So the whole restaurant can hear the rejection. It is really simple, just start by smiling. Naturally, we all find people that smiling people, easier to approach than those who always walk around with frown on their faces. In addition to smiling, try to make momentary eye contact with any guy you are interested in getting to know better. Eye contact is so important in saying “you have my full attention, I’m listening”. This will make the task of approaching you less daunting for men.  People tend to wait for eye contact before initiating a conversation.  You can even make it easier by trying to stay a few feet away from a group of friends since most men find it hard to make their move when the lady they have their eyes on is in a group, because of the humiliation that could come with possible rejection. Don’t be in the center, try to stay off to the side so that he can get a chance to approach you. Especially if some of the friends in your group are guys, this can be intimidating for him as he doesn't know if they're your boyfriend.





On the subject of how to be attractive to men, many men look for independence  in women they plan to have a serious relationship with. What they’re afraid of is the girl that “clings” onto them. The one who doesn’t trust (respect) them alone, and wants him to spend every waking moment together, threatening his independence and identity. Remember their need to internalize their thoughts and emotions first before speaking? This can become lost if there’s always a girl on his shoulder nagging and expecting him to express everything when he’s not ready. This isn't to say that he not attracted to the dependent, vulnerable qualities in a woman. On the contrary men love that about women. They love to be the hero who comes to the rescue. Ever see a woman cry and watch all the men flock to her need? But there is a fine line between needy and vulnerable, and this is where understanding that difference comes in. 



Flaunting your assets 


No, I’m not talking about those. Think back to all of your crushes, then to the moment you knew you liked them and the things you liked about them. Of the things that made you fall for them was probably a physical feature right? A smile, his arms, his hair. These things at the time were irresistible to you.  


Good news for us is that men are a lot more attracted physically. Accentuating your beautiful features is how to be attractive to men.  Got a great smile, don’t hide it. Get to be known as the girl who smiles a lot. Tanned legs, wear more shorts and dresses to show them off. Or maybe it’s your gentle subtle voice. Strike up more conversations with him. Afraid of talking to him? Plan ahead what you’re going to say and 3 interesting questions to bring up in the lull of the conversation so you’re not caught off guard. Being prepared will make you less nervous. 


You’ve got great qualities about yourself and just like matching great shoes to a great dress, you need to know which parts of yourself you should promote, know them and use them. Ask your guy friends what’s attractive about you. Ask your girls friends what they like most about you. This is yet another quality that you can make the most of in order to attract men, along with just looking great to everyone else. 



Showing him your easy-going 


Men tend to avoid the needy, drama-rich girls like the plague. They don’t want to deal with excessive drama when they don’t need to. The persona you put off should be easy-going and light hearted. You want to show him that if he gets into a relationship with you, it’ll be enjoyable and low maintenance. You don't want to give the impression you're alot of work and have a ton of baggage. This can mean watching your talk around him about what you talk about. Not gossiping about other people, or bad mouthing them. It can mean handling problems that come up more casually and less stressfully. Or being more decisive as opposed to wishy-washy. Your personality counts in how to be attractive to men, use it to your full advantage. 





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