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 9 Best Ways on How to Attract Men that go unused

woman wondering what men secretly want

When it comes to how to attract men, women can sometimes feel as if they’ve heard all the answers or have done everything they potentially can in order to attract men. But on closer inspection, I’ve found that these women overlook many powerful ways that attract men in social settings. Here are just a few of the best ways on how to attract men that go unused.  


 1.  Avoid unnecessary conversations with others you’re not interested in  

In social situations, people can get uncomfortable if no one is talking to them. When this happens they will instinctively start or continue conversations with others to avoid embarrassment or feeling awkward. This is actually counterproductive to attracting men, because it shut down his chance to approach you or at least makes it harder for him to work up the courage. Women can often take for granted the courage it takes for men to approach them. 


2. Keep your drink almost empty 

By keeping your drink almost empty, it helps on how to attract men by giving them the classic excuse to approach and offer a drink. Where women aren’t in control of the courage it takes for men to approach them, they can help men out by giving them the classic conversation starter, “Can I get you a drink”? 


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3. A good perfume. Let a guy pick the perfume, not women 

They key in wearing a sensual and sexy perfume is to let men pick the right one. Women and men have a different sense of smell as well as a different opinion of what sexy is. So where women can choose a perfume where they think is sexy, men may not feel the same way. 


woman in yellow dress4.  An article of clothing that gives men an easy approach yet keeps things mutual 

When men are planning on approaching a woman, they plan out the line they are going to start a conversation with. Their easiest line is going to be one where they start things off in a casual way as opposed to outright letting her know he’s interested in her. By having an article of clothing that’s unique, such as a funny t-shirt, or bright dress. Something that’s obvious for him to talk about, it makes it easier for men to approach instead of him over-planning his nervous approach, or even chickening out. 




5. Know & Highlight your best feature!  

Women and men have a different sense of what they find attractive in a women. Where women may think they know what men find attractive in a woman, men think differently. Get input from your guy friends and find out what they think your best feature is. Then highlight that feature to get men chasing after you. 




group of teenagers6. Where you stand in a social setting  


Where you stand in a group setting is important as men can misinterpret this meaning. If you are in a group of friends, standing next to a male friend can cause a man wanting to approach you to believe that you’re in a relationship with him or that he is interested in you. Standing across from a male friend can make a man interested in approaching you to believe that your friend is interested in you and trying to get your attention. Standing too close to your girl friends can sometimes be interpreted in a man’s mind that you aren’t there to talk to new people. 

If you find yourself in this situation, make an excuse and move next to your girlfriend. 


woman looking at picture7.  Stick to quiet areas giving him a chance to approach you 

How to attract men can be done by keeping to yourself. Where it can be counter intuitive and even awkward to step away from your group of friends in social settings, it’s sometimes a necessary step. By sticking to quiet areas, examples; going out for a smoke, looking at paintings, scenery, the architecture of the building, it gives an interested man the opportunity to catch you alone. This is exactly what men wait for in women they are interested in. This is because it doesn’t take as much courage to approach women who are alone as well as it gives them a chance to talk alone. 



couple talking8. Appear confident and happy. People reflect this 

People subconsciously react and reflect the mood of another person. By appearing confident, you give him confidence and by appearing happy, you keep him optimistic and hopeful. Not only that, but both traits are very sexy.  



9. Remember to smile & maintain eye contact 

Women can often forget to give men the “approach me” signal, which is smiling and maintaining eye contact. Sub consciously it is easier to approach someone who maintains eye contact and a smile. 



woman wondering what men want

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