How Do You Get a Boyfriend

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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal

the women men adoreSo you’re feeling it’s time to get into a relationship and you’re ready to love someone. Your time alone is done and it’s time to start building a life together with someone who cares about you and vice versa. You want to start testing the waters in your compatibility with another man so the question is how do you get a boyfriend? Well lucky for you, here are some tips on just that.


Boyfriend planning

You want to start off by knowing yourself, what you want and don’t want in a boyfriend before picking a guy. This way if he puts out warning signs that he’s not right for you, you won’t be blind-sided and you’ll know immediately if he’s not right for you. You want to stick to your standards and not just settle for anybody. Make a list of what’s important to you in a man and stick to it. Now at the same time you don’t want to be too closed minded. The more important items on your list which you shouldn’t compromise on are things like; is he respectful, loving, and faithful. The things you

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should be flexible on are things like; is he funny, super handsome, etc. Remember that the things you prioritize are going to be exactly the kind of guy you’re going to end up with. You want to have a strong mind on what your standards are. This is a foundation before you go off wondering how do you get a boyfriend.


a coupleFirst impressions

First impressions are everything. So you want yours to be friendly, approachable, and enjoyable. This means keeping that smile on, and maintaining a friendly persona. It’s going to be much harder and less desirable for a guy to approach you if you’re not. Which will in-turn make getting a boyfriend harder. Having a light-hearted friendly attitude is not only more welcoming for guys to talk to you, but provides more opportunities as people tend to talk more to friendly people. It also set the stage up for a more warm and enjoyable encounter for the two of you, and can lead to longer conversations. This will make getting a boyfriend alot easier.


Getting out more

Maybe you’re not interested in any of the guys you know right now, or none of them are boyfriend material. This probably means it’s time to get out more. It’s not likely that a random guy is going to approach you and there you have it, now you have a boyfriend. So this can mean you’re going to want to start living more; trying new things, picking up new hobbies. Take up the night cooking class you always wanted, try changing gyms. You want to do things that give you opportunities to talk to people and get to know them casually. Get you girlfriends together more often and get off the couch. Or break your weekly routine, switch it up a bit. Remember step 2, first impressions.


Do more fishing

The obvious answer to the question, 'how do you get a boyfriend' is through more opportunities. It may mean fishing for more chances through more and different dating sites, or talking with your annoying married friends who kept trying to set you up earlier in life. They’ve probably forgotten about you and have met new people since. If you’re out and active in your neighbourhood bumping into men shouldn’t be that hard, just don’t go looking in places you’re not going to find a quality guy.


Courage and some creative ideas

Waiting for a guy to make the right move can be like waiting for pigs to learn to fly. That’s a thing of the past. If you're serious about getting a boyfriend you may have to make the first move. After all you’re not asking him to marry you; you’re just asking him on a date, or at least just flirting with him. Have an eye on the cute guy at the coffee shop, be creative with it. Draw a heart on you coffee cup with your number on it. Send it back saying, “mine’s extra sweet”. The cute guy at the coffee shop probably gets eyed by a lot of girls, but your ingenuity can put you above the rest. He’s going to be impressed by a creative approach.


Poking/ spending time together

On Facebook “poking” someone is a way of letting them know you’re there. It’s used as a way of getting them to chat it up with you. Here's a tip on how to get a boyfriend, it’s the same concept you use in Facebook. You want to be “poking” the guy you met through text, Facebook, or twitter, in order to move up in your relationship status from acquaintance, to friend, to eventually girlfriend. This means starting off with casual comments to him and friends every so often to remind him of you. Facebook and twitter are so casual these days that these couple about to kisscomments won’t come off as you stalking him. After some time when you meet in person you’ll find you’ve got more to talk about and you’ll see that your relationship status has grown.

If you feel comfortable in your friendship meet up for coffee, try and get some time with him alone or at least time with him and others.


Picking the right things to say and do together

In your conversations, particularly the ones when you’re alone with him, you want to pick the right things to say and possibly do together. Meaning you don’t want to be talking about the weather or work the whole time. You want to be steering the conversation towards relationships, your and his passions, things that put him at ease and make him feel good. You want to talk about flirty subjects like; girls, and guys, and what makes them attractive. This sets you up as a candidate for a girlfriend in his mind.


So having the right attitude and living it out, getting out there, and following up with the right approach can get you the right guy. It just takes a little courage, persistence, and patience.


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