How do I Keep a Boyfriend

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Bob Grant's, the women men adore and never want to leaveAsking how do i keep a boyfriend? It is natural. Real life relationships, different from the fantastic ones you read about the novels, take a lot of time and effort to make them solid. You can have that perfect relationship with that man of your dream if only you are willing to take the appropriate steps. It might even be safe to say that it is easier to get a man than keep him. It is, therefore, right that you learn certain tips on the subject of how do i keep a boyfriend. 



The ease of how to keep him depends on the manner in which you kicked off the relationship. After meeting a guy you plan to start doing things with, it is important to first of all to get to know him; his likes, dislikes, goals and all what not. This will help you connect with him. You should also tell him about yourself and your ambitions to give him an idea of who you are based on your strong points. Most importantly, don't make the mistake of sleeping with him of the first date as that will only show that you


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are the cheap type. Besides, if sex was the first thing on his mind, you have effectively lost him that way. 




The challenge of how do i keep a boyfriend like all relationships can take a little work. Try to find hobbies that the both of you like. It isn’t healthy for the relationship if a couple is doing something that only one person likes most of the time. This is very taxing on the other person, and can lead to them resenting the time spent together. This is why it’s important to share hobbies. In this environment both parties are satisfied and a great bonding activity can occur. If he’s being a stick in the mud about trying new things, be the first to lead. Lovingly recommend being more adventurous, then try something new that would interest him. 



Outside of the time spent together women need to be sensitive of their man’s emotional space. Men typically aren’t as emotional as women and definitely not as talkative. So to expect them to be as expressive and chatty as your girlfriends can come off as needy in their eyes. If you ask them how their day was and they just respond with a typical “fine”, don’t push too hard in expecting a more dynamic answer. The way men think is broadly different than women. Men only talk about what they think was important in their day, they don’t want to burden you with the boring details. So in actuality they are trying to save you stress as opposed to trying to be distant from you. Another thing that happens in their minds is that they don’t want to “re-live” through the horrible work day they just had. By him talking about his horrible day with you it causes him go through the same boring day again, when he would rather just leave it alone and be done with it. Try avoiding the conversation and environment of work and the mundane as much as you can.  You want to make your time romantic and create an environment that's fun and exciting. 



Men don’t feel the need to talk things through. They would rather just think it through in order to process the issue. Women mistakenly view such behavior as being distant. The correct solution rather than nagging him is to give him the space he requires. Crowding him can cause greater stress and deprive him from the space he needs. This can lead to a domino effect of him pulling away from you and you desperately chasing him. If he is given the space he instinctively needs he will come back more loving and caring than before. This difference in men is very counter-intuitive to the loving and supporting instinct that is in women, which is why not understand men can lead to lots of trouble down the road. This is key in how do i keep a boyfriend.



Watch out for nagging and negative comments on things he’ll do. A man’s self-esteem is greatly influenced by respect and acceptance more so than other factors such as love. Nagging him about how he handled the chores or comments about the way he dresses may seem harmless, but can come off to him as disrespectful and unaccepting from you. Instead of putting a negative tone on a comment like, “is that what you’re going to wear”? Putting a positive tone is much better, “I love it when you wear this shirt, and it matches your eyes. Could you wear it for me please”? The key is watching words carefully and tactfully selecting the right ones to demonstrate encouragement and respect.  



Still on how do i keep a boyfriend, it is advisable that you give special attention to your physical appearance. The way you look says a lot about you considering the superficial nature that the world has assumed these days. Get clothes that fit your shape very well and beauty products that bring out the best in you. This does not really mean that you have to spend a fortune on getting clothes and beauty products for yourself; just get things that you feel are sufficient to enhance your physical attractiveness. Some ladies do fail to do these things after being involved in a relationship, but guys love to see their partners looking good and when it is not happening, they talk to their legs. 



You should note that your emotional makeup or composition is also an important determinant of how successful you will be in your relationship. It is therefore necessary to ensure that your emotions are kept in balance when thinking of how do i keep a boyfriend. If you have anything bothering your mind that you feel your partner should hear about, don't let your emotions get in the way. Emotions such anger or tears when trying to get something clear with your man most times turn out too much for them to handle. If it’s an issue he doesn’t understand try talking it through with a supportive girlfriend instead. You could get whatever issue you have ironed out with your guy by maintaining your emotional balance. As a matter of fact, getting emotional will most often not get things done the way you want; instead, you could end up driving him away. 



These were meant to serve as guide for you on how do i keep a boyfriend. There is still  more that you may need to find out based on the personality of your man. Make effort to do those things he likes and stay away from things that could turn him off. 




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