How Can I Find Love 

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  Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal



woman wondering what men secretly wantHave you been wondering how can I find love? Waiting for love to come knocking at your door? The truth is that people looking for love have to meet it half-way, singles can’t just sit there and wait for love to find them. When it comes to their role in finding love, is there something they should be doing? Women need to learn how to make themselves as approachable as possible.


Making yourself approachable 

When it comes to how can I find love, it can be very much like a bake sale. No one’s interested in a cake that isn’t presentable, regardless of how it tastes. It could be the most delicious, scrumptious, chocolate decadent cake. But if it’s grey color, no one’s going to buy it. People eat with their eyes first. And so it is the same in the game of finding love. Singles need to make themselves presentable, and I’m not talking about the way they look but about being approachable. This means having a positive attitude and maintaining a good smile. Whether you know it or not, guys have a hard time approaching women. A smile and attitude will both push them away and make it harder for them to approach you, or ease and invite them to approach you. Have you been inviting when it comes to how can I find love?  

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People reap what they sow, and if they haven’t been putting out the signals, they’ll reap nothing. Many women deceitfully believe that guys only pick up women who are pretty, and that the reason they don’t get approached is because they aren’t. But the truth is that it’s really about the vibe they put out. Guys are out there looking for women, but will only make a move on the ones who seem inviting. 

So when it comes to being approachable; having strong eye contact, a great smile, positive attitude, and a sexy perfume can signal ‘come talk to me’ or ‘stay away’.  


the enter key on a keyboard, except it says, Learn to Interact 

The truth on how can I find love is that people pass by others looking for love all the time. Love is right in front of them, but they don’t know how to make the next step happen and access that love. People have been looking at you, wanting to approach you, but have been too shy or don’t know how to talk to you. This is where learning how to interact with people comes in. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by people, we can feel very alone. People are afraid of others. Public speaking is still one of the top fears in people.  


If you are interested in finding love, learning how to talk to people and maintain a conversation is a skill that you’ll need to learn. Start off small by just saying “hi” to a few strangers you pass by, and remember to maintain that smile. After some practice, throw in a sentence or two and see how long you can keep a conversation going. This step has to do with breaking a bad habit of not talking to people, and a subtle fear of being afraid of strangers. 


When you’ve learnt to be more talkative, you’ll find that conversing with people happens naturally, and that deeper and more frequent conversations occur. Not only will you make it easier for him to carry a conversation, but you’ll be in the power to steer a situation and conversation.  



Having you stuff in order 

What good is it if someone finds love, but isn’t ready to nurture it? Many times people enter into relationships with baggage. They only painfully discover that these things hinder a relationship from developing, on their own part, or on their partner’s part. Healing and resolving issues before entering into a relationship is important for a relationship to be successful. This is a step that people like to avoid and don’t want to deal with. As a result, love can pass them by. 


combination lock, password is lovePutting yourself out there. 

Just like a successful business, how can I find love isn’t done without advertising. You need to get the word out about your singleness. Letting your friends and family know you’re on the market, particularly ones who have tried to set you up in the past. They may know the perfect match for you. Relying on their network of singles can instantly multiply your available matches. They’ve also probably forgotten about you, and since have met other singles that could match you perfectly. Being approachable is just one avenue of matchmaking, having others set you up, and dating are two more avenues that shouldn’t be neglected. 


Selling yourself 

When it comes to how great you are and the love you have to offer, you may know it, but others don’t see it yet. This is another area where ‘advertising’ needs to be done. It’s said that women like confident men right? Perhaps it’s because they know how to sell themselves and highlight the traits that are good about themselves.  


Women also tend to be their biggest critics. As a result, they don’t know how to believe in themselves. They don’t know how to sell themselves. 


Are you kind, compassionate, or loving? You need to express those traits to the people around you. Talk about the charities you help in a casual way. Highlight the things about you that others will be interested in. Where you and people close to you see the great things about yourself, you need to remember that others don’t see them, particularly if you’re the quiet kind. Learning to be more extroverted and actively displaying you character in a casual manner will help boost your image. Think public relations. 



Internet dating

Internet dating has had such a bad notion that’s linked to nerds, or lonely desperate people. Those thoughts are completely false. These days internet dating is becoming more and more popular in helping people to find love. Using a matchmaking profile online helps so much in finding compatibility. In a poll done by eHarmony 19% of married couples met through the internet. The poll, done in 2006 and 2007 and asked 10,000 married couples. 17% of these couples met at work and the same amount met through friends. Another poll conducted in 2004 and 2005, of 5000 married couples asked, 14% met online, 20% met at work and 17% through friends. What matters isn’t the numbers but the fact that your match could be online.


Staying positive 

There are people out there looking for love just like you. People tend to be attracted to others who are more positive, so having a negative attitude can becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. No one’s going to be attracted to someone who’s a total downer. Not staying positive can also come off as needy and desperate which no one’s attracted to. A negative attitude will also affect your attitude, which in-turn will affect your approachability. 


Sticking with it 

Typically, singles get discouraged when they don’t get the result they’re after in the time frame they thought it would take. As a result, they give up, only to miss out on an opportunity that comes shortly after. Sticking with a goal and being persistent in your actions is something that’s needed in order to be successful in life and is no different in the game of finding love. Remember that life happens when you least expect it, and so will love. 


Waiting for love to just come along is a myth. The truth is that the people who are successful in love were ready for love when it came along. This is done by putting yourself in a position to catch love when it passes by. Whether this is through a persona, an attitude, a smile, your interactions, or just plain making yourself available in all networks, how do I find love is a question that isn’t as complicated as people thought. 




woman wondering what men secretly wantHow are some girls lucky when it comes to love?

 Wondering how can I find love?


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