Does He Like Me?

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what men secretly want  Some men, especially the younger ones, actually find it hard to approach a lady that they have feelings for. You can only be able to decipher their true feeling through certain actions of theirs.  If there's a man in mind and you find yourself wondering, does he like me? Here are some pointers to look out for.


His demeanor


Does he like me can be answered by his demeanor.  The way a man behaves whenever he is around could serve as a pointer to what he thinks about you. Sometimes, when men are in the presence of a lady that they like, they tend to become nervous. Getting really quiet and calm are signs of this. Alternatively, he could decide to put up a bold face and throw in some swagger. Just know that these behaviors are only indicative of the effort that the guy is making not to give a bad impression of himself in your presence. Try and find out from friends which type he is from past crushes. Those men


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who are even shyer tend to avoid the gaze of ladies that they are romantically inclined toward while trying to catch a glimpse once in a while. His eyes dashing away from yours when you look at him directly is a true sign of this.






Special Interest


Sometimes, when a guy sees a lady that he likes, it is a possibility that he will prefer to first of all do some sort of background work on her. He could start asking friends, who know you, about things like; what you think of him, or if you're seeing someone. Actions like that give a clue, though indirect, of what he thinks about you. One way by which you can know if he has such special interest in you is to ask your friends that are also close to him to find out if he has been making inquiries about you. Another is if he keeps special tabs on things you say or have done, or if he remembers little comments you’ve made on your interests and hobbies. 



More focus on you


If you’re in a group of friends watching how he portions his time and attention to each person can be a good sign if he likes you. Look for unconscious signals; when you speak does it grab his immediate attention, does he speak to you more often than other people, is he trying to impress you, is his composure different when he’s speaking to you, is he trying to be funny with you but not so much with other people, is his eye contact stronger when speaking with you, when he speaks to the group is his eye contact unproportionately focused on your eyes, does he look to you to see if you laugh when a joke is told. You’re looking for a difference in the way he behaves around you and other people.



Constantly smiles at you


Does he like me can be seen through his smiles.  I am sure you already know that when a man does this it is a clear reflection of what he thinks about you. A man will assume that by directing smiles toward you that you will get the message. Watch to see if he smiles more around you than he does around other girls. Keep in mind that you will need to find out if the intention of the guy that is smiling at you is pure. The reason for this being that there are some guys who are fond of flirting with any girl they come across with their seductive smile. If you find out that he is not like that, it is highly probable that he is interested in knowing you better. 



Gets jealous when you talk to other guys


This is another thing that some guys do when they see ladies that they like speaking with other guys; they get suspicious and jealous. Forget the fact that you have not started going out with the guy just yet, subtle jealousy is an indication of what he thinks about you. He will want to ward off competition for your love, but since you both are not in a relationship yet, he can only show that through his reaction when he sees you talking with other guys. Asking curious questions like what your plans are, and what you did with the other guys can be a sign of jealousy.


If you are still not certain of what he thinks about you, and you are bold enough, you could try flirting with him a little. You can achieve this by smiling at him once in a while, he will respond by smiling back at you if he really desires to know you better. Remember that eye contact, smiling, and being friendly with him will make it easier for him to approach you.



Is he always ready to help?


This is a very good question in a does he like me quiz. When a man finds a lady that he likes so much, it is possible that one of the ways by which he might want to reflect this would be through offering assistance to you; most times without you even requesting them to help. Because of the love he has for you, such a guy would like to ensure that you are always okay without any problem bothering you. Is he always there when you need someone to be with? He probably likes you if that is the case.



Is he concerned about your safety?


Whenever a man appears to have special interest in your safety or wellbeing, it is a possibility that he has started developing feelings for you. The question is quite relevant in the does he like me quiz because it explains such a phenomenon when a man walks you to your home, appears picky when getting you a taxi or calls you to ensure that you have arrived at home safely.



Does he try to catch a look of you every so often?


It is very common to notice men trying to steal a glance at ladies that they find quite attractive. If a man tries to meet your eyes and make contact, it is probably his own way of showing you that he is interested. Just so you know, eyes sometimes speak louder than words; they are not just made to see, but to also pass messages across. So the next time a guy lets his eyes linger on you for some seconds, you know what that potentially means.



Does he want to be with you?


When a man tries to use any excuse just to be with you, he is looking for a way to get closer because he likes you. That guy in your workplace or school that you seem to always be running into could be scheming for how to express his likeness for you, but has not been able to muster that confidence sufficient enough to make that approach.


After going through this does he like me quiz if you were able to answer yes to all the questions mentioned above, or just some of them, it is possible that the man like you.


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