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The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave Review  

the women men adore and never want to leave Should you buy The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave ? Read this review before you buy.

Amy Rosenthal Reviewer: Amy Rosenthal
Rating: 5 stars
eBook Reviewed: The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave review

In his book, Bob Grant a licensed professional counselor with years of experience counseling in his Atlanta Georgia office, highlights that the majority of mistakes women make in relationships are due to not understanding men, usually because they get advice from other women who understand men as little as they do. Or they’ll get advice from magazines or media which are written mainly for the purposes of entertainment. Neither of the sources are reliable, like a counselor with years of counselling experience.

Bob offers his years of professional experience of over 20 years in his book, The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave without the cost of going to a relationship counselor. His product isn’t based on theory, but from thousands of women who he’s counseled and tested his theories on. His main focus is on understanding men to help your relationships and 

how you already have the power to make him fall in love with you without changing yourself, you just need to tap into it. His 115 page eBook isn’t about becoming someone else, but it has a bold underlying theme that the secret to being successful in a relationship is in; 

1. Being who you are and not acting 

2. Understanding men, as opposed to manipulating them. They already have a predisposition to love and make you happy, I mean they did date you right? The problem in relationships lies in understanding them. 

3. Using the differences between men and women to better your relationship. Where books like “Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus”, and “He’s just not that Into You” explain these differences, The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave explains how to take advantage of these differences. And Bob just explains it better. 


What I liked about his book; 

·        He doesn’t teach on manipulating men or yourself to be what men desire, but that the real problem women face in relationships is in understanding the opposite sex, as he helps women understand men.

·          He has experience as a licensed professional counselor/ therapist/ relationship coach of +20 years, so you’re not just getting ‘advice’. Bob has qualifications as opposed to others out there just giving advice. 

·       Bob’s insights aren’t the cheesy ones you usually get from relationship books, and teachings. 

·            Many of his examples and scenarios given in the book are classic examples based from his real-life therapy. So they are practical and real. 

·       Easy to read 

·       Comes with a full-money back guarantee 


Some things I didn’t like; 

·            Some things I already knew from other relationship books 

·            Some of the examples are what men generally want. But I suppose it’s the principal behind them which matters. 


Many People ask me if they should buy The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave, I can tell you the benefits of what you get; 

·           The secrets to understanding men as well as using it to your advantage. 

·        The secrets to captivate a man, revealing his secrets and make him want to commit to you. No more begging and wanting him to commit. 

·         Bob answers; Why didn’t he call? How can I find the right man? Why I keep dating losers? 

·        Why some women have great relationship but not you, and you’re not alone 

·        Gain an aura men find irresistible. 

·        3 sentences that will inspire him that works like casting a spell over him. Which you already have in you. 

·          5 things men crave woman don’t know about, and if you give them to him he will find you irresistible. 

·           The main reason men choose to marry, or stay married, summed up in 5 words. 

·        The powerful ability women possess which is greater than looks, height, intelligence, sex appeal, which makes you irresistible to men. 

·           #1 man repellant, which could be why you’re pushing men away 

·        How to speak in a way to hypnotize a man into feeling safe, without manipulating him 

·        How to be yourself and still be loved by a man. 

·        Removing the layers that keep a man from knowing and loving you. 

·        Lessons on how to pinpoint what exactly you’re doing that make a man not want to be close to you, and if you’re unknowingly sending off bad signals 

·        How to make a man do things and think it was his idea. 

·        How you influence him, which will affect his behavior towards you for better or worst. 

·        Make a man feel understood by you. 

·        How to use your femininity to disarm a man, and turn him to a caring and sensitive lover. 

·        Why at times you shouldn’t compete, and allow him to be your superior. 

·           Things women do that make a man shut down and alienate, the kiss of death in a relationship 

·        The part of your body that can captivate a man and have him wrapped around your finger, no it’s not your breasts, legs, or behind. 

·        Why some women drive away good men, or continually pick losers, 

·        He goes further, and using his practical experience as a therapist and explains how many people let their past hurts sabotage their chance of having a successful relationship. 


Overall would I recommend it? 

The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave was an entertaining and enlightening experience. It’s filled with great advice on; understanding men, how to influence them, what they’re attracted to (in your behaviour), how to relate to them, and developing a more understanding and cooperative relationship for women. 

Honestly, The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave is like getting the professional advice of a relationship counselor, but much, much cheaper. And without the embarrassment of having to go to a relationship counselor, but conveniently wherever you want, at your time and your schedule.  

There are women who unknowingly make the same mistakes over and over, and then there are those who invest in their relationships so that this cycle stops. Relationships are so important and really the only source of true happiness for many women, Invest in yourself.  

So if you’re looking for some good advice on relating and understanding men, through an insightful and easy to read book, I highly recommend this book, and give it 5/5 stars. Buy The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave and invest in your love life today. 


His book is meant for; single woman who want to find the right man, women who date frequently but have a hard time sustaining relationships, women already in a relationship who want him to propose, or women already married looking to keep the magic alive. His book covers all of these areas. 

 the women men adore and never want to leave

The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave   comes with an 8 week, 100% guarantee, no questions asked refund.














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