1000 Questions For Couples Review

Will it really help couples? Find out here. 

Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal 

couples feeding each otherIn today’s world the numbers for marriages that end in divorce are getting scary. Couples are surprised to learn things about their spouse only after they’ve tied the knot. But those numbers don’t matter, what matters is your love life right? How then do you divorce-proof your marriage?  Getting to know each other, getting to know the deep and nitty-gritty parts about your partner is a start.  

Why I love “question books” geared for couple, is that they have the ability to draw couples closer and make them stronger together.  They can create a low pressure environment that’s easy for the difficult questions to open up to. But how is Michael Webb’s “1000 Questions For Couples”?   

Where most question books never really touch the important questions or don’t have enough material to go through, 1000 Questions For

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Couples has a ton of in-depth questions that are crucial to ask before tying the knot. This 80 page e-Book has questions that range from Finances; career, past relationships and baggage, morals, personality, children, and even sex. It also contains lighter questions that keep the learning about each other process exciting and low pressured, such as travelling, dining, pets, and your favorite things.


This is what I liked about the book; 

·     Low priced for the ton of questions you get (80 pages).

·     A lot of questions had to do with important subjects that I never thought of talking about

·     It also had a lot of questions that kept it light so it didn’t feel like an interrogation

·     There were a lot of questions that kept it fun to talk with my guy so neither of us felt pressured to come up with something to talk about.

·     It had a lot of questions that I’ve never thought of asking, so I was amazed to learn new things about my fiancé that I never would have thought to ask.

·     There were some deeper things that I’ve wanted to know about him that I was scared to ask him. The book created an excuse to ask them, which took the pressure off me.


couples in a fieldWhat I didn’t like about it; 

·          The book could have done some follow up to the questions. So for example, what each response to the questions could mean to a person and why they answered the way they did.


So overall is 1000 Questions For Couples worth it?, 

The book isn’t meant to be read straight through although it can be. It comes with an automatic system that delivers 3-5 questions to me through email every day, so we always had something to talk about, which kept our dinners interesting.  It comes with a 60 unconditional refund policy and because it’s an e-book, it’s delivered immediately.  

I really loved this book, I felt it brought us closer as a couple and it was fun to go through together. The author, Michael Webb wrote it for anyone; not just couples dating, but those already married, and those planning to get married.  His expertise as a relationship coach really shines in this book. I give this book my 5-stars and highly recommend it to anyone; who’s looking to grow stronger as a couple, or just want to know the right questions to ask their date, or couples that are running low on things to talk about.


 1000 questions for couples book

Read a book that can divorce-proof your relationship.

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